Kim Kardashian Sports a Balenciaga X Adidas tracksuit while Khloe Kardashian wore Laquan Smith in New York

Kim Kardashian Sports a Balenciaga X Adidas tracksuit while Khloe Kardashian wore Laquan Smith in New York


The Kardashian sisters minus one, have touched down in New York with Kim and Khloe rocking polar opposite looks.

The second oldest Kardashian sister, Kim showed off her killer abs in a black sports bra that she paired with Balenciaga X Adidas track pants that zipped at the hems, and an oversized trench jacket. Have Balenciaga and Adidas made amends since Adidas chose to take a step back from the French fashion luxury house last December?

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That seems to be the case as Kim was dripped in full Balenciaga X Adidas gear from head to toe. It seems like now that the controversy regarding Balenciaga’s holiday campaign images that showcased children with inappropriate BDSM plush bear bags has died down a bit, celebs are back to the basics of wearing Balenciaga.

Keep it mind that Balenciaga did release a public apology immediately following the release of the images, however is that enough to suffice? Only time shall tell.

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Contrary to Kim Kardashian, her sister Khloe Kardashian looked sickening in a black Laquan Smith ensemble that included a crop high-neck sleeveless top that was styled with a black maxi skirt that had a futuristic silver metal belt draped around the ‘Hulu’ star waist.

This isn’t Khloe first time wearing Smith designs, and every time she does, she leaves no crumbs on the table. We were so here for Khloe’s looks and we look forward to see what stylish looks the Kardashians have up their sleeves while slaying the big apple!

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