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Gisella May Zimmer , the CEO and entrepreneur behind Elite Beauty Bar in Pasadena reflects on the importance of family and unconditional support in her success. The endless support has inspired her to create a business centered on fostering a positive environment for employees and customers alike and giving back to the community at large.

“Accept your natural beauty and age gracefully”. That is exactly what Gisella May Zimmer, the CEO of Elite Beauty Bar, believes the beauty industry as a whole should encourage. Elite Beauty Bar is a full-service beauty parlor in Pasadena that offers a variety of services ranging from haircuts to styling. Beauty is something that starts from within, and radiates through confidence and being kind to yourself. Elite Beauty Bar’s tagline, “Luxury With a Heart” is embraced throughout all of the services offered, as the goal of treatments are to enhance and elevate self-care. Gisella hopes that customers leave Elite Beauty feeling like the best version of themselves.

Gisella is grateful for her time in the beauty industry, and says that her favorite part is when she gets to meet a lot of people and learn from their different backgrounds. “I feel so fulfilled when I see our clients happy with the results.” says Gisella. Supporting her customers and taking the time to get to know them is at the forefront of priorities for Gisella when running her own business. She is constantly learning and improving to make sure her customers are satisfied.

The drive and dedication that Gisella has in running her business is inspired by the love and support provided by her parents, husband, and family. “My parents are my backbone because they are my number one supporters.” Her parents worked hard to provide her with the life she has, which she is endlessly grateful for. “They support me in all the ways that they can and give me and my brothers the life that we deserve. They’ve been with me in good and in bad times, without my parents, I wouldn’t be here.”

Gisella hopes to inspire her employees and aims to help them grow and succeed. She explains “What separates me from other entrepreneurs is that I care not only about business but also for my team and I will always treat them as my second family; a work family.” Gisella hopes that by fostering a positive and growth-oriented work environment, her employees are able to connect with customers. “We all have a sincere connection with our clients. We only hire people committed to learning and growing as well as people who are passionate about what we do here at Elite Beauty Bar.”

Gisella is proud of the environment she has created for her work team. “Everyday is fun with my team. It feels like you’re not working but at the same time you are. The beauty industry is my passion and they say if you’re doing what you’re passionate about you never work a day in your life.”

Through her business, Gisella doesn’t just focus on the wellbeing of her customers, but alsostrives to give back to the community at large. In the future, she says that she would like to beginhosting events every quarter to give back to the community. “When I help those who are in need I feel a sense of happiness and purpose, because when I see those people I’ve helped smiling, it melts my heart.” Gisella’s career as an entrepreneur in the beauty industry isn’t just about helping people feel comfortable in their skin, she also hopes to spread love and positivity beyond her business.

Finally, Gisella’s favorite personal qualities are staying humble, kind, patient, and respectful. “I always look back on where I come from. All the hardships and suffering that I faced were worth it because I wouldn’t be where I am right now.” Gisella has made incredible strides as a successful businesswoman, it’s no wonder that she has been granted endless love and support and has rightfully earned the respect from everyone around her.

Writing Credit : Taylor Spill | @taylorspillofficial

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