Lisa Bree Hoggarth: Most Beautiful Woman In The World Says She Has Eternal Life In Her Human Body


Lisa Bree Hoggarth Monroe is Marilyn Monroe reincarnated and Leo Lisa reincarnated, a Hollywood entrepreneur who lived 300 years ago and was murdered by her then husband. Lisa Hoggarth is what we call a divine miracle, she’s remembered 9/9 lives on Earth, she’s not like everyone else.

Lisa had psychosis for a year and was mentally unwell but says it was also a highly spiritual experience, it wasn’t just illness. She had many spiritual beings around her, talking to her and from an eastern point of view she is right. There is an article written about what a shaman sees in a mental hospital and he says he sees people in straight jackets that are actually being harassed by spirits who are trying to relay a message to the patient. In their culture, they integrate the person undergoing what we consider a mental health crisis and birth them into a spiritual medium, a healer or some form of gifted spiritualist for the community.

During this challenging time for Lisa, she recalled 9/9 past lives on Earth, as mentioned above, one of them being a Hollywood entrepreneur Leo Lisa. Lisa also recalls some of the time she spent in spiritual form, in between incarnations and said after she was murdered as Leo Lisa, she crossed over and asked the universe for an eternal life machine, knowing she would have to reincarnate again and that she would most likely be murdered again. The universe responded it would take 300 years. Her spirit guides told her three hundred years had passed and her eternal life machine is ready in this lifetime. It was a three step process she underwent with the machine in spiritual form. According to her spirit guides, when we die we lose 300 layers of skin and that’s the difference between being in human form and spiritual form. Lisa said there was a gold machine used and another machine where her heart stopped beating for three seconds to remove the skin from her organs.

“I’m 70% sure I have eternal life in my human body, that I won’t age and I’ve undergone the eternal life process”, Lisa said.

Lisa Hoggarth Monroe is also the reincarnation of Athena, Marilyn Monroe and others, she is the golden ratio world record holder at 97.8% and only supermodel in the world. She was in the top 25 entrepreneurs to watch in 2021, creator of hallways are runways during the global pandemic lockdowns and Jesus’ ex wife from heaven.

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