Timothée Chalamet’s Beanie Style: A Statement or Just a ‘Flop’?


A Daring Take on the Beanie

Beanies have long been a reliable staple in our winter wardrobes, with various styles offering options for a range of personal aesthetics – think cuffed, uncuffed, double-cuffed, or delicately perched on the head. Yet, on Monday, actor Timothée Chalamet introduced an unconventional spin on this classic accessory. His version? A beanie with a tuft of hair playfully sticking out from its top.

A Viral Accessory

Chalamet’s new accessory quickly created a buzz on social media. Some likened the hat to a bonnet, an embroidered coffee filter, and even the floral crowns from Cicely Mary Barker’s enchanting flower fairy illustrations. Reactions varied from dismissive (“unserious” and “weird”) to downright smitten (“I want to pet that floofy little poof of hair that sticks out of the top,” a user swooned).

A Tip of the Hat to Dior

Fashion critics may need to address their gripes with Kim Jones, the creative director of Dior since 2018. Chalamet’s hat first made its appearance in Dior’s Spring-Summer 2024 menswear show, along with a range of equally avant-garde headpieces.

The runway teemed with models donning neon-colored knitted pieces – a cross between beanies and floral fascinators, each with a top cut like a small volcano that, in Chalamet’s case, allowed his chocolate curls to ‘erupt’.

Master milliner Stephen Jones and couture knitter Cecile Feilchenfeldt brought these unique hats to life, drawing inspiration from the 1980s New Wave fashion and New York’s club kids. The duo married punk aesthetics with romantic elements, adorning the hats with flowers using an ancient Chinese technique known as “ronghua.”

Method in the Madness?

While Chalamet’s beanie look has elicited mixed reviews, the timing of his daring ensemble is quite intriguing. It comes hot on the heels of the “Wonka” trailer release, where he stars as a young Willy Wonka aspiring to become a master chocolatier.

Many questioned Chalamet’s casting in this Roald Dahl prequel, citing a perceived lack of silliness for a character known for eccentricity. Now, Chalamet’s unconventional street style and hat choice might be seen as a sly rebuttal or, perhaps, a taste of method acting in preparation for his role.

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