Love Is Found in 13DE MARZO

Avant-garde clothing brand 13DE MARZO inspires younger generations to authentically express themselves and spread love everywhere they go.


With colorful plush bears accompanying every piece, 13DE MARZO brings a refreshing uniqueness to the fashion world. A futuristic space bear from the city of MARZO, 13 light years away is the face of the brand. The 13DE MARZO bear reminds wearers to stay true to the interests and playfulness of their childhood. Acting as a symbol of warmth and joy, the brand bear is intended to inspire people to spread love; its mantra is “Love Is All Around.”

“[The bear] loves to travel around the world, hoping to spread hugs and love to every friend of 13DE MARZO,” said a representative of 13DE MARZO.

13DE MARZO pays respect to the bold and vibrant fashion of Generation Z. With striking colors, detailed patchwork, and various textures, the brand’s clothing lines highlight funky streetwear. 13DE MARZO has made it its mission to push boundaries with every article of clothing since its start in 2018. The brand kindles a desire for people to make breakthroughs and express who they truly are through their style.

“The brand hopes that the unique and exquisite design can bring rich and personalized fashion experience and street freshness to young trend enthusiasts around the world,” said a brand representative.

As a way to extend its reach, 13DE MARZO has collaborated with multiple brands that match its avant-garde, trendy vibe, including NASA, Smiley, Sesame Street, League of Legends, and Care Bears. The clothing line’s most recent collaboration was with the beloved Looney Tunes. 13DE MARZO captured the nostalgia and youthfulness of this timeless cartoon with their line. With Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, and the Tasmanian Devil making an appearance, fans of the show would die for these graphic tees.

“The joint collection has received great attention and caused a huge response, once again creating a name of enthusiasm among consumers,” said a brand representative.

13DE MARZO is eager to expand globally by opening 50 locations worldwide. The brand is also hoping to cater to a more expansive audience with the inclusion of children’s wear, daily wear, and high-end wear.

“We hope that every fashion-loving crowd can find their own beauty in 13DE MARZO,” said the 13DE MARZO website.

Writing Credits : Yamillah Hurtado

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